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Marie Claire van Schooten-van Gelder - Voorzitter



Being raised in a family where the arts and culture of India plays such an important role and having travelled with the family in India herself Marie Claire developed a passion for the country and it’s culture. As her mother Bernadette van Gelder she embarked on a journey and felt that she had to develop projects to work in the country and with it’s amazing people.


Marie Claire: "When I arrived in India for the first time I instantly knew that I was ‘coming home'. It is the same feeling asking someone if they can explain in words what the love is that they have for their partner or children. You can’t put it in words, it is indescribable."

Michiel leads a successful asset management company and is also a regular traveler to India. Every time he and his family visit the country, he is enchanted by the unprecedented diversity of nature, the richness of culture and the beauty of the people.

Nonetheless, he is aware of the need to improve the position of the poor and of girls and women in particular.


"How great would it be if every privileged person on earth would support them with a little money and attention in their attempt to improve their position and thus improve Indian society as a whole? It is my pleasure to contribute my part via the Bernadette van Gelder Foundation."

To interact with people is one of the main goals Wim has; in his personal life as well as professionally. To better understand different cultures and habits, he traveled extensively and lived abroad for several years. His journey of life got another dimension when Wim spent three months in India where he had the chance to better recognise the complexity of Indian society.




"With this in mind, I am very proud to give my contribution to the Bernadette van Gelder Foundation to support female empowerment in India."


Michiel van Loon - Penningmeerster

Wim Mortier - Secretaris

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There are three trips you take to India: the one you think you're going to have, the one you actually have and the one you live through once you go back home. (quote by Erin Reese)