Remuneration policy

All board members can get a reimbursement for the costs they have reasonably incurred in exercising their duties. The board members and other persons affiliated to the Foundation do not receive a financial reward for their work.


Asset management

The foundation is of general utility and does not have a profit objective. The board is responsible for managing the foundation. Every driver is obliged to fulfill the duties assigned to him/her in relation to the foundation.


The Foundation's assets will be administered and stored on business paying- or savings accounts at Triodos Bank. The board is only jointly authorized by these bank accounts. At least 90% of expenditures will go into the target project. Expenditures need a formal management decision. The purpose of the foundation is not explicitly to make benefits to the founders or to those who form part of the foundation's bodies.


The Board is obliged to make an annual balance sheet and the statement of income and expenses of the foundation within the six following months after the end of the financial year. The Board shall draw up an annual accounts and a report as referred to in Article 2: 300 Civil Code if required by Dutch law. An accountant will supervise this.


Should the foundation ever be dissolved, a possible excessive balance will be spent for a general purpose institution with a similar purpose.

This is laid down in the founding statutes.


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